About Us

Pyramid Tatva is a one-stop store which offers you more than 1500 variants of high-quality natural crystals, stones and mineral specimen in raw as well as polished form. Crystals and minerals specimen are widely sougt after for their application in Chakra balancing/Crystal Healing/Meditation purpose and in varied healing modalities(such as Reiki/Vastu/Tarot/Astro/Crystal Healing and others) as well as carving/crafting various crystal articles and collectibles worldwide. Our collection consisits of crystals and stones for bringing overall well being and harmony in one's life journey.

Set up in 2015, Pyramid Tatva aim to create awareness about the aspects in which stones and crustals could be applied to bring about desired changes in over all well being and harmony of a seeker. It also brings together spiritual seekers and gurus under one umbrella to share their first-hand experience and provide consultation related to crystal and other healing modalities.